How can I change currency?

We recommend you to change the currency by going to your iPhone or iPad’s settings, then “General” -> “International” -> “Region Format”.

Alternatively, for users who live overseas but don’t want to change the currency via the iPhone’s/iPad’s region settings, you can switch your currency by going to “Settings” > “Currency” and selecting the currency from the list.

If your currency is not in the list, please, kindly email us at

What is a Cycle?

The app calculates many values based on a cycle – a certain time duration.
We recommend monthly cycle, because it is just like a calendar. This does really everything.

The cycle system evolved so it can be matched to a pay cycle. Also if you want, you can set the balance to be set to zero periodically, you can set that with cycle setting too. Some users reset their balance every week or even every day!

Pay Cycle:
You can match the budget schedule around your “Pay cycle”. Some people get paid once a month, some every two weeks. You can set the cycle to align with your “pay cycle” so the income is spread over between your income schedule.

Big spending

Big Spending will help you to save up for big expenses, like holidays: you can set the amount and due date and the amount will be deducted every day until the full amount is accumulated.

For example, if you want to go on a holiday which costs $1500 in 5 months, then you can enter this into Big Spending. The app will deduct $10 everyday (calculated as $1500/5months/30days) until the full amount is saved up.

Bug fix (always)

Nobody likes a buggy app, neither we are.  We are always working on bug fixes to ensure the app works as flawlessly as possible, in all device, iOS, and region combinations.

If you notice a bug, please email us at – instead of writing it as a review.  This helps us to contact you to gather more information to replicate the bug in order to fix it.