Simeji keyboard

Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with Simeji keyboard at the moment: after thorough investigations we have found out that the number information sent from this custom keyboard isn’t correct, and therefore our app cannot read these data. Here we can’t do anything, unfortunately, till Simeji developers fix this problem.

Thus, we recommend our users to use the default iOS keyboards since we have tested our app with them and can guarantee their operation.

What is “Continuous” mode?

The “Continuous” mode can be enabled under “Settings” > “Cycle settings”: when you turn it on, then the balance will be carried on when a new cycle starts.

Continuous mode connects all intervals together. So the balance on the main screen shows your overall balance since you started the app. You can see how much money you had left over in older cycles under “Analysis” > “Overview” by tapping on the left arrow.

Cycle 1: -1400
Cycle 2: +200
Current cycle: +50

The balance on the main screen shows -1400+200+50 = -1150

My income shown in the overview doesn’t match what I entered. Why?

Perhaps, you started using the app after the 1st of the month. The amount shown in the Overview corresponds to the number of days in the current cycle.  So if you have recently started using the app, the cycle is less than one month, so the values shown in the “Overview” are not the full amount, but just for number of days of the current cycle.

Please, go to “Settings” > “Cycle settings” > “Edit cycles” to check what days are included in the current cycle (the top one).